Petal-Power Publishing is a publishing partnership started in 2008 by Steve Matthews and Sharon Wassell. Established initially as a means of publishing Steve and Sharon's book "Under the Rainbow", it is hoped that Petal-Power Publishing will help to promote fresh and fun ideas in children's books from both writers and illustrators. We also want to encourage feedback from readers so that this site can become something of a "creative co-operative" where people of all ages can feel able to have a say and express their creativity.

We intend to get our own projects into print, but hope also that our collaboration can in some way help others to get their work into print, whether under the Petal-Power Publishing name or otherwise.

We would be very pleased to act as a contact conduit so that, for example, a writer seeking an illustrator can be assisted in getting in touch. We have no idea how successful this premise might be or what form it will take, but we look forward to receiving your feedback and to having fun in the process.

Under The Rainbow

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